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Maryland Electronic Filing: Coming Closer

The Maryland Judiciary is requesting public comment on MDEC (Maryland Electronic Courts), the upcoming electronic filing system.  This is meant to be like PACER of the federal courts, and will apply to District Courts, Circuit Courts and appellate courts.  The process won’t be be complete in one fell swoop, but we’re going to start with Anne Arundel County in the fall of next year.  

Here are the specific areas of court concern:

  1. To what extent should the electronic filing of documents be mandatory?
  2. What should be the requirements for a filer’s signature on electronically filed documents?
  3. Will the electronic version of electronically filed documents be the official record of such documents?
  4. What access should be allowed to the electronic record?
  5. What kinds of fees, if any, should be charged for (i) the electronic filing of documents; (ii) the filing of paper documents; (iii) remote access to electronic records; or (iv) general operation and maintenance of the MDEC system?

Written comments should be sent to Sandra F. Haines, Esq., 2011-D Commerce Park Drive, Annapolis, Md., 21401.  The deadline is September 21.  

See the Court’s public notice

My comment?  It’s about time.