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The world of webpages, blogs and SEO can be confusing. We’ve all received e-mails from so-called SEO gurus promising to get our website to page one of Google, but dig a little deeper and you find that 99% of them are scammers, spammers or hacks. What must an ethical attorney to do to stay competitive in the 21st century?  The answer is to choose your friends wisely. I’ve been a Maryland lawyer since 2003, and I’ve grown up with this technology. I’m well aware of the ethical rules regulating lawyer advertising. I am published legal technology author. I can help.

 Why Blog?

There are four reasons why you should start and maintain a law blog. 

  1. Increase internet traffic to your website;
  2. Create credibility with potential clients by showing them you know your stuff;
  3. Establish and promote your firm’s brand, guaranteeing repeat business; and
  4. Educate potential clients and referral sources.

These reasons all boil down to one thing:  Get More Clients

Why Should I Pay A Lawyer to Blog For Me?

If your blog is being written and run by another company, chances are it is written by a non-lawyer. That company knows little about the practice of law, less about Maryland law, and even less about the ethical marketing rules. Those blogs are poorly written and will give your business a bad name.

As a lawyer, I know the ins-and-outs of our ethical requirements. I’ve also been practicing personal injury law my entire career, and have written well over 400 blog posts. I understand the importance of SEO keywords, readability, and consistent links back to your primary website.  

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to make sure you are getting cases tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day), I can get you Google respect. For a limited time, I am offering to write six months of blogs for your firm, and I’ll give you the seventh month FREE.  Simply mention this website ( when you call (443.850.4426), or fill out our online contact form.