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Trial Presentations

If you need to educate your jurors about your case and persuade them that your client is deserving, you must use technology to teach them.  Old-fashioned lecture, by itself, is not enough.  The Modern Juror is plugged in–blockbuster movies, Facebook, YouTube, videogames and smartphones mean shorter attention spans and a desire to learn information electronically.  We process information visually, and better visuals mean better understanding.  

What Can Technology Do For My Trial?

Every trial, whether the half-day auto accident case or the two-week long medical malpractice case, can benefit from technology:

  • Opening Statement:  the most important part of trial, this is the moment that you can imprint your jurors with your view of the case.  Done properly, the other side will have an uphill battle to change the jury’s perception.
  • Direct Examinations:  You can walk your witnesses through their testimony, and illustrate complicated points to the jury with a visual presentation.  
  • Cross-Examinations:  Useful for contradiction, impeachment, and to keep the jury’s eyes on you (instead of the witness), trial technology will keep the jury on your side.  
  • Closing Argument:  To bolster your credibility, the closing argument can show the jury that you did exactly what you set out to do–reiterate the evidence, the witnesses, and the case.  Lead them to the verdict.    

Even if you have never put together a trial technology presentation, we can do the heavy lifting.  We’ll comb through your evidence, and create a persuasive presentation.


We have multiple pricing options available:

  • By the job:  We’ll quote you a price depending on your needs, from start to finish.
  • Hourly:  We have reasonable hourly rates for trial prep, in-trial work, and technology training (we’ll teach you or your paralegals, so you never have to hire us again!).
  • Contingency fee:  We are lawyers helping lawyers.  We can accept the risk just as you do–if your client doesn’t get paid, neither do we.  What do you have to lose?

How Can We Help?

We can help you with all of your trial technology needs.  We can put together your PowerPoint presentations from start to finish, or we can fine-tune existing presentations.  We can train your paralegal to run it, or we can take care of all of the equipment at trial.  We’ll even stand by your side and take care of the technology at trial so you can focus on the law and your client.  Contact us at 443.850.4426, or online for a free quote.