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Tech Update: The Eye Mouse

Tobii Rex, courtesy Tobii

Most of my sci-fi news comes from (if you try to correct me and tell me it’s, I’ll give you an earful).  It’s not exactly on the cutting edge of science and technology news, but their report on a new type of computer pointing device was the first I’d heard.  

The Tobii Rex is what’s called a “gaze-tracker” (I like “eye mouse” better).  Basically, the computer tracks your pupils with such accuracy that it is reportedly as accurate as using a mouse.  You can use your eyes to move the cursor, select items, scroll up and down, and zoom in and out.  

With tablets and touchscreens as the growing interfaces of choice over the past few years, we are getting closer direct contact with our computers.  The Tobii Rex is one small step removed from thinking directly at the computer.  The device will certainly have profound implications for people with limited use of their arms and hands.